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iOS Devices Unlocker
iOS Devices Unlocker

Unlock iOS passcode, bypass MDM/Activation Lock, remove Apple ID and iTunes Backup encryption password

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How to Bypass iPad Lock Screen Without iTunes [2024]

iTunes can be a useful method for bypassing the lock screen on your iPad by restoring your device to factory settings. However, there are situations where iTunes may not be an option, such as when it fails to detect your iPad or due to other reasons. Fortunately, there are alternative methods available to help you remove […]

Unlock iPad By Lorena Hill Updated on March 12,2024

How to Bypass Password on iPad [2024]

You might decide to make a strong password for your iPad using lengthy letters and digits in order to keep it safe from illegal access. But remembering a passcode might be challenging, especially if it’s a tough one. You are more likely to forget the passcode with passing time. Even worse, if you keep entering […]

Unlock iPad By Lorena Hill Updated on March 11,2024

How to Unlock iPad without iTunes or Computer

When you enter wrong passcodes on your iPad lock screen many times, your iPad will become disabled, showing you 2 related prompts based on the number of wrong attempts. One prompt is “iPad is disabled. Try again in [Time]” allowing you to try another passcode after the specific lock time and the other is “iPad is […]

Unlock iPad By Lorena Hill Updated on March 06,2024

How to Unlock iPad If Forgot iPad Password

The addition of a password to an electronic gadget, such as iPads, has proven to be one of the best ways to secure your device and the data stored, so no one can use it whenever it goes missing or access the data files you have on it. However, sometimes, this can turn against you […]

Unlock iPad By Lorena Hill Updated on February 23,2024

Proven 7 Methods to Bypass iPad is Disabled Connect to iTunes

Hello, My iPad is suddenly disabled and I am unable to access my device. Please what is the reason for this and how can I fix the problem without losing my important data? The “iPad is disabled connect to iTunes” error usually happens when you enter the wrong passcode multiple times in a row. This can […]

Unlock iPad By Lorena Hill Updated on February 02,2024

How to Remove MDM from iPad Permanently with/without Password [Experts Guide]

If you are using an iPad that is enrolled in a mobile device management (MDM) program, you might encounter some restrictions that limit your device’s functionality. MDM is a protocol that allows system administrators to manage and control iOS devices by sending commands from a central server to all iOS devices in the network. But […]

Unlock iPad By Lorena Hill Updated on February 01,2024

How To Unlock iPad Without Apple ID

Unlocking an iPad without Apple ID can come in handy in several situations. Perhaps you reset your iPad and can’t remember the Apple ID credentials, or you purchased a second-hand iPad that is still linked to the previous owner’s Apple ID. Regardless of how you might have ended up in this situation, you need to […]

Unlock iPad By Lorena Hill Updated on February 01,2024

How to Unlock iPad Without Passcode and Losing Data

Although screen passcode can effectively protect your iPad from unauthorized usage, it could stop you from accessing your iPad if the passcode is forgotten unluckily. What can you do if you are locked out of the iPad because of the forgotten password? Can you unlock your unavailable iPad without password? Or is it possible to […]

Unlock iPad By Lorena Hill Updated on February 01,2024

How to Unlock iCloud Locked iPad That Is Second Hand or Not

“Hi there, Recently, I purchased a used iPad 2 while on my way back from a friend’s place. The iPad has all of the features in good condition. To take full control of the iPad, I wiped it. After wiping, iCloud Activation Lock is shown on the phone screen. What is the iCloud lock and […]

Unlock iPad By Aria Ford Updated on February 01,2024