Proven 4 Ways to Disable Find My iPhone without Password [iOS 7 and Later]

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Find My iPhone is a security feature added to an iPhone to help track the whereabouts in case it goes missing. You can also use it to ring the device in order to hasten the search when in close proximity to the device but can’t decode the exact location. This feature also helps erase all installed content and custom settings established on your iPhone without hassles.

While this feature is largely aimed at protecting your device and the data stored on it, it may sometimes bring about inconveniences. For example, resetting an iPhone with Find My on will lead to an iCloud Activation Lock after restoration. With the proper Apple ID password, you can turn off Find My iPhone easily. However, what if you don’t know the Apple ID password used on the iPhone because the iOS device is a second-hand one? Take it easy, this post can help you out. Just read on to learn about 4 straightforward techniques to disable Find My iPhone without password.

1. How to Disable Find My iPhone without Password with Computer

Here is a powerful way that enables you to turn off Find My function on your iPhone without password on a computer. What else you need are a professional iOS unlocker tool like Passixer and a certified USB cable. You can try this way when you want an easy solution with ensured success rate.

Passixer iPhone Unlocker is a renowned iOS unlock solution built for users of all levels seeking a convenient way to bypass any security restriction encountered on their iDevices. This multifaceted software lets you disable Find My feature on iPhone/iPad without password by removing the corresponding Apple ID. This is very useful when your iOS/iPadOS device is a used one and signed with the previous owner’s Apple ID.

Key Features

  • Easily disable Find My iPhone on the second-hand device to free from tracking by its old owner.
  • Effectively remove 4-digit or 6-digit passcode, Face ID and Touch ID from iPhone/iPad.
  • Powers an extremely easy-to-use interface, so anyone, whether tech-literate or not, can navigate.
  • Bypass iCloud Activation Lock to access your used iOS device without Apple ID password.

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone Using Passixer

Step 1: Get Passixer on your Mac or Windows PC. On the main feed, select Remove Apple ID.

Disable Find My iPhone without Password with Passixer Step 1

Step 2: Proceed to connect the iPhone with Find My on to your computer using a USB cable and then click Start in the software interface.

Disable Find My iPhone without Password with Passixer Step 2

Step 3: Remove Apple ID.

If your iPhone running iOS 11.4 and later, you need to follow the onscreen instructions to enable Two-Factor Authentication for successful Apple ID removal. Once you finish the setting, confirm your iPhone info and download the firmware. At last, confirm your operation for Passixer to start removing the Apple ID.

Disable Find My iPhone without Password with Passixer Step 3

When the iOS version on your iPhone is 11.4 and earlier, you have to reset settings on your iPhone by accessing Settings and tapping General > Reset > Reset All Settings. After that, the Apple ID will be removed by Passixer.

Disable Find My iPhone without Password with Passixer Step 4

Once the Apple ID is removed from your iPhone, Find My iPhone is also turned off on your device.

Note: Apple ID removal will wipe all data and settings from your iPhone and will also make the iOS update to the latest.

2. How to Turn Off Find My iPhone without Password and Computer

Although the aforementioned solution is the ultimate way to disable the Find My iPhone feature on your device, we’ve got other options available if you wish to achieve the same result without using another device or third-party tool:

Way 1. Erase iCloud Account Description (iOS 12/11)

iOS 12/11 has some loopholes in it which you can leverage to disable Find My iPhone easily and quickly. This involves the deletion of the iCloud account description via the Settings app. Here’s how this is done:

Step 1: Open the Settings app page by clicking on the cogwheel icon displayed on your home screen.

Step 2: Navigate to where you have the iCloud tab and click on it to access the corresponding settings page. An interface requesting you to provide your iCloud password will come up. Type the wrong password and hit the Done button at the upper right corner of your screen.

Erase iCloud Account Description step 2

Step 3: Since the password is the wrong one, your iPhone won’t validate it. Rather, it will send a prompt showing that your entry is incorrect. Click OK and select the cancel button at the upper left corner of your screen.

Step 4: Once done, iCloud should open again. Navigate to the Description tab and erase what you have there. Without delay, the iCloud main page will load up again but this time with the Find My iPhone feature disabled.

Erase iCloud Account Description step 3

Way 2. Bypass iCloud DNS (iOS 8/9/10)

Besides the iOS 12/11, Apple has also got some loopholes in its previous versions. If you run your device on iOS 8/9/10, you can find your way around and disable the Find My iPhone feature. All you need to do is to change your iCloud DNS server.

To get this done, follow the steps down here:

  1. Go to the Settings app screen and select WiFi.
  2. Locate the WiFi your iPhone is connected to, and click on i (also known as info) to proceed.
  3. Bypass iCloud DNS iOS 8

  4. Without further ado, a panel where you can manipulate your DNS server will pop up.
  5. Next, tap on the Configure DNS button and enter one of the IP addresses below that suits your location:
  6. Tap the Return icon and tap Done to save the DNS configuration.

Way 3. Delete iCloud Account (iOS 7)

As a matter of fact, previous iOS has got some glitches causing security breaches. If you own an iPhone with OS version 7.0, you can always manipulate your way to turn off Find My iPhone. As for this, what you need is to delete the corresponding iCloud account connected to the device.

You can apply the stepwise guide below to get this done:

  1. Hit the cogwheel icon you have on your home screen and the Settings app will come up.
  2. Select iCloud and tap Delete Account to proceed. You may have to try this multiple times before getting it right.
  3. Once your iPhone gets stuck on the screen, hold down the Power button to put it off. Wait a while, then reboot.
  4. When your device comes up, head to Settings again. Select iCloud and tap Delete Account. Find My iPhone should be disabled, accompanied with Apple ID removal.


Q1. Does airplane mode turn off Find My iPhone?

No, airplane mode doesn’t disable or turn off the Find My iPhone feature.

Airplane mode is designed to deal with cellular and WiFi operations. So when you activate the feature, you can’t use cellular data, connect to WiFi or make/receive calls. However, the Find My iPhone feature uses a GPS tracker which doesn’t depend on an internet connection to catch and send signals about the whereabouts of your device.

Q2. Can iPhone be tracked when turned off?

Sure, you can! It’s possible to track the whereabouts of your iPhone even when it’s turned off. However, mind you, the Find My iPhone feature must be enabled on the corresponding device for you to do this. Also, when Find My iPhone is active, only the last location before the device went off will be displayed when searching for it. The reason is that Find My iPhone can only report recent activities when your device is ON. Once the iPhone goes off, the last recent activity will be shared. 

Q3. Does factory reset turn off Find My iPhone?

No, factory reset doesn’t disable or turn off Find My iPhone. When you restore your iPhone, iCloud Activation Lock becomes active due to Find My iPhone. You have to provide the password to the Apple ID linked to the iPhone for you to access the device. Failure to do this means you cannot use the iPhone.

Final Words

Now you should know how to disable Find My iPhone on your device. Regardless of the iPhone model you use, this guide has the appropriate technique to get rid of Find My from your device, as we’ve covered all iOS versions. However, to avoid the stress of confirming your model and iOS version, Passixer offers a convenient way to disable Find My iPhone. You should try it out.

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