iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option: How To Fix And Unlock With/Without Computer

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Updated on 2024-02-20

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“Hi there,

I cannot remember my screen passcode and entered the wrong one multiple times thinking I would get the erase option so I could wipe the device. However, this didn’t go as planned. My iPhone is displaying iPhone Unavailable with no erase option. Please, how do I fix this and unlock the device?”

The “Erase iPhone” option can unlock a device in case the owner can’t remember the corresponding passcode. This feature is designed to help you bypass screen lock after multiple failed passcode attempts by erasing all content and custom settings on your iPhone screen.

By default, the Erase iPhone option should pop up once an iPhone running on iOS 15.2 or later displays “iPhone Unavailable” error message. However, for some reasons, such as a software glitch, your device might fail to show the option. If you are faced with the issue “iPhone is unavailable and no erase option is shown” and you want to unlock your iPhone, then this post is for you.

1. Why Is My iPhone Unavailable But No Erase Option?

Just before we delve into how to fix iPhone unavailable no erase option, let’s check out some of the reasons why you may experience such an issue with your device. Here are some of the potential reasons gathered by experts:

Obsolete iOS Version

The Erase iPhone option is a new feature rooted into the most recent iOS version. If you are running your iPhone on iOS versions older than the iOS 15.2, you cannot find the Erase iPhone option.

New iOS 17.0

Instead of the Erase iPhone feature, we have the Forgotten Passcode? option for iOS 17.0.

Poor Internet Connection

The feature requires a reliable internet connection since you need to sign into your Apple ID to wipe your device.

Absence of Apple ID

The Erase iPhone option works only on a device with Apple ID connected to it. If your iPhone doesn’t show the erase function, then there’s a possibility you haven’t linked your Apple ID and password with it.

Software Glitch

Lastly, if your iPhone meets the aforementioned conditions but still doesn’t display Erase Option when the iPhone unavailable screen pops up, then it could be a system glitch.

2. Quick Fix for iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option

In this section, we have the quick fixes to iPhone unavailable no erase option:

Fix 1: Restart iPhone

Turning off and on your iPhone is one of the basic troubleshooting solutions you can use to fix your device whenever issues like this arise. When you do this, your system automatically refreshes, thereby clearing all bugs and glitches affecting your device.

For the different iPhone models, check and follow the appropriate procedure below to restart your iPhone:

iPhone X and Later Models

  1. Hold down any of the Volume buttons together with the Side button till the slide to power off screen pops up.
  2. Drag the Slide to power off slider in the correct direction to turn off your iPhone.
  3. After a while, hold down the same buttons to reboot your iPhone.

restart iPhone x | iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option

iPhone 8/7/ 6/SE (2nd and 3rd Generation)

  1. Press down the Side button till your device displays the power-off slider screen.
  2. Drag the slider to turn off the iPhone.
  3. Now, restart your iPhone using the same button.

restart iPhone 8 | iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option

iPhone 5/SE (1st Generation) and Older Models

  1. Hold down the Top button till you find the power-off slider on your screen.
  2. Next, move the slider in the right direction and your iPhone will go off.
  3. To reboot your iPhone, press down the button till the Apple logo pops up.

restart iPhone 5 | iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option

3. How to Unlock iPhone Unavailable with No Erase Option

Using any of the solutions recommended down here, you can unlock your disabled iPhone with no erase option:

Way 1. Unlock iPhone Unavailable with No Erase Option with Computer

As one of the best iOS Unlockers, Passixer offers a simple yet efficient way to unlock your disabled iPhone without using the Erase option on the lock screen. It works effectively in iPhone screen unlocking, no matter whether the screen is unavailable due to the forgotten passcode or accidental screen touches. This software supports all sorts of iOS screen locks, such as Face ID, Touch ID, 4-6 digit passcode and customized code. Your iPhone model doesn’t matter when using this software, as it works for all types, including the most recent model.


  1. Allows you to fix and unlock iPhone unavailable for any iPhone model.
  2. Passixer offers seamless iTunes backup decryption services.
  3. Fixes all types of iOS security complications, like iCloud Activation Lock, Screen Time Restrictions, etc.
  4. Available for installation on Windows and Mac.

Steps to Unlock iPhone Unavailable with No Erase Option with Passixer

Step 1: Run Passixer on Mac or Windows computer after installing it from the official source. Tap on the Wipe Passcode from the main feed.

 tap Wipe Passcode | iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option

After the above, you will get a screen with the Start option. Click on it to get on the next phase.

continue with Start button | iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer via a certified USB cable. Passixer on detecting your device will display a screen with a few info about it. Have a check on the details and click on Start to download the firmware package to unlock your iPhone.

download firware file | iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option

Step 3: When the download is finished, enter 0000 in the empty space and hit the Unlock button. Passixer will remove screen lock from your iPhone without the provision of screen passcode or any biometric security verification.

confirm unlocking operation | iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option

Way 2. Unlock iPhone Unavailable with No Erase Option Without Computer

For folks without a computer at their disposal, here are the simple techniques to bypass your unavailable lock screen without the Erase iPhone option.

Option 1. Use iCloud

You can count on iCloud to help you erase your iPhone remotely. However, Find My iPhone must be active on the corresponding device. Additionally, you must have the Apple ID and password signed in on the unavailable iPhone to get this done. If you have all of these available, you can proceed with the stepwise guide below to unlock your iPhone using iCloud:

Step 1: Launch your favorite web browser on another mobile device and head to the official website for iCloud. Click Sign In and login to your account by typing your credentials correctly in the space provided.

sign in iCloud | iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option

If required, provide the 2FA sent to one of the devices connected to your Apple ID.

Step 2: Once you fully gain access, scroll down the page displayed and select Find My.

choose Find My | iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option

Step 3: Click on the icon that corresponds with that of your locked iPhone.

choose locked iPhone | iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option

Step 4: Click Erase This Device, then proceed to validate your action by entering your Apple ID password when the prompt appears.

erase iPhone iCloud | iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option

Option 2. Use Find My App

With the Find My App, you can erase your iPhone without the Erase iPhone option. This solution is similar to the one above, as it’s done remotely. However, it’s only possible on an Apple device, which could be an iPhone or iPad.

Also, you must ensure that you have the Apple ID linked to the locked iPhone available. In case you have all of this ready, then here’s the illustrative guide you need to apply to erase your device using Find My App:

  1. Install and run Find My App on another iOS device.
  2. Sign in the Apple ID you have on the disabled iPhone.
  3. Click on Devices to view all devices that are linked to your Apple ID.
  4. Select the device that corresponds with the disabled iPhone and click on Erase This Device.
  5. erase iPhone Find My | iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option

4. Unlock iPhone Unavailable with Erase Option

Now, on to how to unlock an iPhone with the Erase Option. Follow and apply the steps demonstrated below to get this done on your device immediately:

  1. Once your iPhone displays the iPhone Unavailable screen, you will find the Erase iPhone option at the bottom of the screen.
  2.  Click on the icon and Apple will send a warning signal about the consequences attached to the action you are about to execute. If you are pleased with it, click on Erase iPhone to proceed.
  3. Next, type your Apple ID password in the space given and Apple will wipe your system in no time.
  4. unlock iPhone via Erase iPhone | iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option


Q1. What’s the best way to fix iPhone unavailable no erase option?

Using a third-party iOS unlocker like Passixer is obviously the best way to unlock an iPhone with iPhone unavailable no erase option error. The software wipes your phone and removes screen lock so you have full control over it without you having to provide the current screen passcode or the Apple ID details connected to the device.

Q2. How can I unlock an iPhone with iPhone unavailable without erasing?

Unlocking an iPhone with the iPhone unavailable screen without erasing it is simple. Since there’s always a timer that comes with the iPhone unavailable error, it’s best you exercise patience until the countdown is completed, then try the authentic screen passcode. This way, your device will be unlocked without wiping the entire system.

Q3. Can I fix iPhone unavailable without a computer?

Yes, you can fix iPhone unavailable without using a computer. You can do this using the Erase iPhone option on your screen if you use an iPhone with iOS 15.2 or later. However, if your device doesn’t run on this operating system, then you can try erasing the iPhone via Find My App or iCloud on mobile devices.

Final Words

Always ensure that you have the Apple ID signed into your iPhone and your device is up to date in terms of iOS version (iOS 15.2 or later). Otherwise, you won’t get the Erase Option when the unavailable screen appears. In this case, you can apply one of the unlock troubleshooting solutions recommended in the article above. Passixer offers the safest way to unlock your iPhone with limited requirements to fulfill.

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