Is It Possible to Find Your Lost iPhone Passcode?

by Lorena Hill

Updated on 2024-03-22

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Adding a screen passcode to your iPhone is a protective measure used to prevent prying eyes access to your device and the data you have on it in your absence. But what happens when you can’t remember the details of the passcode? This means you can’t access or execute any task on the device. In case this is a problem you are faced with and need a solution, this post is for you. Here, we present to you how to find your iPhone passcode. Also, we will look at how to unlock an iPhone when you can’t find the passcode.

Where Is iPhone Passcode Stored

iPhone Passcode is a unique set of numbers, usually 4-6 digits, provided by the owner of a device to help protect it from usage in his or her absence. This passcode is never stored on the iPhone itself.

Is It Possible to Find Your iPhone Passcode and How

Sure, it is possible you find the passcode to your iPhone so far you’ve documented it somewhere. It could be in a notepad, paper, or a third-party password manager. If truly you’ve done this in the past, then you should check the relevant site to fetch your iPhone screen passcode.

How to Unlock Your iPhone If You Can’t Find/Remember Your Passcode

Perhaps you can’t find the document where you noted your screen passcode or you didn’t store it at all, here are some handy tricks you can employ to unlock your iPhone:

Unlock iPhone without Passcode or Face ID

When you can’t remember or find your screen passcode and don’t have the chance to provide Face ID/Touch ID to unlock your iPhone, you need a reputable iOS unlocker to help you bypass screen lock. One tool that you can count on to get this done is Passixer iPhone Unlocker. The software is dedicated to resolving any security challenge whatsoever that you may encounter on an iDevice, including, lost or forgotten numeric passcode, custom passcode, unworkable Face ID, and more. It’s also a great option for dealing with iCloud Activation Lock, MDM Lock, iTunes backup encryption, etc.  

Key Features

  1. Remove screen lock from iPhone with broken/unresponsive screen.
  2. Get rid of Screen Time Passcode without losing your data.
  3. Easily bypass MDM and iCloud Activation Lock without credentials.
  4. Compatible with the most recent iOS/iPadOS versions and models.

Steps to Unlock iPhone without Passcode or Face ID

Install Passixer iPhone Unlocker on your Windows or Mac, launch it afterwards, then follow the steps below to unlock your iPhone with it:

Step 1: Once the main interface pops up, select Wipe Passcode from the unlock options displayed on your computer screen.

click Wipe Passcode | Find iPhone Passcode

After that, click Start on the subsequent screen.

move on with Start button | Find iPhone Passcode

Step 2: The following interface asking you to connect your locked iPhone to your computer will appear:

connect iPhone to computer | Find iPhone Passcode

Use a certified USB cable to establish the connection, then wait for Passixer to scan the device to get some basic details about it so it can recommend the most suitable firmware to unlock it. You should see a screen as below:

download firmware | Find iPhone Passcode

Click Start to proceed.

Step 3: Wait patiently until the firmware is fully downloaded. Once done, click Next and the software will direct you to the interface down here:

click Next to move on | Find iPhone Passcode

Input 0000 in the empty space provided and tap on the Unlock button. Without hesitation, Passixer iPhone Unlocker will commence the screen unlock operation.

enter code and hit Unlock | Find iPhone Passcode

Unlock iPhone Passcode without Computer

If you don’t have access to a computer but run your iPhone on iOS 15.2 or later and desire to bypass your lock screen, you can leverage the Erase iPhone option displayed on the security lockout screen. The Erase iPhone option is a feature designed to help iOS end-users erase their device when faced with lost or forgotten passcode issues.

To implement this solution, here are a few prerequisites you must satisfy:

  1. Make sure the locked iPhone is running on iOS 15.2 or later version.
  2. You must have the Apple ID and password linked to the locked iPhone.
  3. Your iPhone is connected to internet before.

If all of the above is put in place, then apply the stepwise guide down here to unlock your iPhone using the Erase iPhone option:

Step 1: Input the wrong screen passcode on your iPhone 6 times consecutively until you see the Security Lockout/Unavailable screen.

Step 2:Select Erase iPhone at the lower right corner of the screen displayed.

tap Erase iPhone | Find iPhone Passcode

Step 3: Once done, a screen with the prompt warning you about the consequences of your actions will come up. Click Erase iPhone again to proceed. Next, an interface asking you to provide the password to the Apple ID connected to the iPhone will appear. Type the password correctly and your device will be wiped.

enter Apple ID to erase iPhone | Find iPhone Passcode

The aforementioned solution works for iPhone running on iOS 15.2 or later, excluding iOS 17. In case you own an iPhone with iOS 17, then the guide below should be used:

Step 1: Type the wrong passcode until you see the Security Lockout or iPhone Unavailable interface.

Step 2: Click on Forgot Passcode? icon at the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Hit the Start iPhone Reset icon on the subsequent interface.

Step 4: Provide the password connected to the Apple ID displayed on your screen to initiate iPhone reset.

tap Start iPhone Reset | Find iPhone Passcode

Once phone wiping is done, you have to reconfigure the iPhone for usage.

Unlock iPhone without Restore

Don’t want to lose your data while trying to unlock your iPhone? There’s another simple yet effective troubleshooting solution you can employ to bypass your locked screen without the passcode. This involves the use of the previous screen passcode. However, the locked device must be running on iOS 17.0 or later for this to work. In addition to the conditions that must be fulfilled, it’s essential that you’ve changed your screen passcode at least once in the last 72 hours and can remember the previous passcode you changed from.

Follow these steps to unlock your iPhone with the previous passcode:

  1. Type the wrong passcode on the locked iPhone until you see the “iPhone Unavailable, try again in (X) minutes” interface.
  2. Hit the Forgot Passcode? option at the bottom right corner of the screen displayed.
  3. Next, click on Enter Previous Passcode when the subsequent screen appears. Input the previous passcode you changed from to proceed.
  4. Once done, another screen where you need to set up a new passcode will come up.

tap Enter Previous Passcode | Find iPhone Passcode


Can I find iPhone Passcode using iTunes?

No, you can’t.

Though iTunes is a great backup utility for iOS devices, it’s impossible for you to find your Apple ID stored there. This is because iTunes backup doesn’t store any passwords saved on your iPhone.

Is iPhone passcode linked to Apple ID?

No, your iPhone passcode isn’t linked to your Apple ID in any way which is one of the reasons why it’s difficult for you to retrieve it whenever you lose it.


Finding your iPhone screen passcode when you lose or forget it isn’t a challenge once you noted it somewhere. You can check the place you documented it and use it to unlock your device. But if you can’t find the iPhone passcode, then you can use any of the solutions recommended in the post above to unlock your iOS device. When you want to unlock your iPhone with the least limitation but a high success rate, using Passixer, a professional iOS unlocking tool, is no doubt a good choice.

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