How to Find Apple ID Password Without Resetting It [2024]

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Updated on 2024-03-20

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I often use Face ID to verify app installation from the Apple Store on my iPhone 14. But unfortunately, I’m being asked to enter my Apple ID password this time which I cannot remember. Please, is there a way to find my Apple ID password without resetting it?”

Losing your Apple ID password can be frustrating as you are basically restricted from using certain services from the Apple ecosystem just like the scenario above. Fortunately, there are a few handy techniques you could follow to retrieve your password and reclaim control of your Apple ID without opting for a reset.

In this post, we will teach the 5 easy ways to find your Apple ID password without resetting it. In addition, we will walk you through how to remove the Apple  ID linked to an iPhone whenever the need arises. Prior to this, let’s see what Apple ID is.

Part 1. What Is Apple ID?

Apple ID is a profile that you must create and sign in on an Apple device to access all services underneath the Apple ecosystem. This doesn’t just end there as the profile also makes it possible for you to sync your data and settings across multiple Apple devices. What this means in essence is that when you sign in with your Apple ID on any Apple device, the data and settings on your previous or another device are automatically imported.

Mind you, Apple ID usually consists of a username (usually an email address) and a unique password that you can easily remember but a hacker can’t decode. If you lose your details, you lose access to all Apple services. Additionally, you cannot use another Apple device with the same details unless you register a new profile, which means you lose all of your data.

Part 2. 5 Ways to Find Apple ID Password Without Resetting It

Now, you can see how important Apple ID is. In case you can’t remember your Apple ID password and don’t want to reset it or create a new profile, follow the solutions below to find your password:

Way 1. See Apple ID Password in Settings

The settings panel of an iPhone comes with a plethora of useful features and one of them is Passwords. With this feature, you can verify or recover the password used for different operations you’ve executed on your device. But there is a condition to satisfy, and that is:

  1. Allow autofill passwords and passkeys whenever the prompt appears on your device.
  2. Enter the password for any operation manually in the Passwords tab.

If you’ve done this, you can follow these steps to see your Apple ID password via settings:

  1. Find the Settings tab on your home screen and hit the corresponding icon.
  2. Scroll down to the next screen and select Passwords.
  3. Provide your screen passcode or Face ID/Touch ID (depending on the type of device you use).
  4. Now, select the tab with your Apple ID password and a screen similar to the one down here will pop up:
  5. view Apple ID password via Settings | Find Apple ID Password without Resetting It

  6. Tap on Password to view the passkey to your Apple ID.

Way 2. Check Apple ID Password on Note

For folks who store their passwords on software like Notepad or write down the passwords in a notebook, you can consider checking the corresponding app/notebook to see what you use in signing in your Apple ID. Once you confirm the password, you can use it for the desired operation. However, mind you, your Apple ID may be vulnerable to hacking if you often use the Note app to store your password as anyone with your device can check there for your details.

Way 3. Find Apple ID Password via Safari

From your Safari browser,  you can recover your Apple ID password. This is possible thanks to iCloud Keychain feature- the native password manager for Apple devices. The feature collects and stores the information you fill out on any website on Apple services like Safari for future reference. However, for this to occur, you must have granted Safari the permission to sync with iCloud.

Use the stepwise guide below to recover your password:

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your phone.
  2. Proceed to where you have Safari, click the corresponding icon, and select Autofill on the subsequent screen.
  3. Click Autofill Password and enter your screen passcode when the prompt comes up.
  4. Look through the website link provided and select the one that matches your Apple ID. Click on Password when the next screen appears to see the password to your Apple ID account.
  5. see Apple ID password via Safari | Find Apple ID Password without Resetting It

Note: All of the 3 methods listed above are great to use if you know your screen passcode.

Way 4. Retrieve Apple ID Password Using Mac Keychain Access

Have you signed in your Apple ID on your Mac in the past? If so, you can leverage the Keychain Access feature to recover your Apple ID password. This solution is a very easy one to implement but you must ensure that you’ve saved your details on Keychain Access in the past so you can fetch your Apple ID password from there.

Use these steps to retrieve your Apple ID via Mac Keychain Access:

  1. Proceed to the upper right corner of your Mac screen and click on the Apple icon.
  2. Select System Preferences from the drop-down menu. A window similar to the one down here will appear:
  3. Tap on Passwords and a verification prompt requesting you to provide your password will appear. Enter the password you use in unlocking your Mac.
  4. Next, find and click on the link for Apple ID to fetch your password.
  5. find Apple ID password via Mac keychain | Find Apple ID Password without Resetting It

Way 5. View Your Password Manager

Third-party password managing programs can also come in handy when searching for a quick way to find your Apple ID password. Some of the free and popular ones to use include:

  1. NordPass
  2. 1Password
  3. RoboForm

Part 3. How to Remove Apple ID Password from iPhone Without Resetting It

If you can’t recover the password to your Apple ID using the aforementioned solutions and you don’t want to use the reset option, you should consider removing the Apple ID from the iPhone to enjoy all Apple services. An easy yet effective way to do this is to employ the service of a professional iOS unlocker like Passixer iPhone Unlocker. With this iOS unlocker, you can easily unlink the Apple ID connected to any iPhone model. The software gets rid of the current Apple ID and lets you sign into your iDevice with a new Apple ID within minutes so you can access services within the Apple ecosystem without hassles. It’s extremely useful when you want to remove the old Apple ID from your second hand iPhone/iPad when you can’t contact its previous owner for help.

Key Features

  1. Remove Apple ID from any iPhone/iPad without providing the password.
  2. Get rid of any type of screen lock, such as 4-digit/6-digit numeric code, custom passcode (alphanumeric/numeric), etc, on your iPhone within minutes.
  3. Remove your iTunes backup encryption setting instantly without the corresponding password.
  4. Passixer is lightweight and requires no technical skill from users for navigation.

Steps to Remove Apple ID Password from iPhone with Passixer

Step 1: Download, install, and then run the Passixer software on a PC/Mac. Choose the Remove Apple ID feature on the interface shown.

Wipe Passcode Passixer | Find Apple ID Password without Resetting It

Step 2: Next, affix your iPhone to the computer through a USB cable. If prompted click on Trust on your phone to grant the software permission to communicate with it.

connect iPhone to Passixer | Find Apple ID Password without Resetting It

Step 3: On the subsequent page that appears, click on Start, and Apple ID removal will commence immediately if Find My is turned off on your device.

hit Start Passixer | Find Apple ID Password without Resetting It

However, if Find My is activated, you have to perform any of the following depending on the iOS that is running your device:

iOS 11.4 or Earlier

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select General > Reset.
  3. Tap on Reset All Settings on the subsequent screen.
  4. Wait patiently until the resetting is completed and Passixer will remove Apple ID immediately.
  5. reset all iPhone settings Passixer | Find Apple ID Password without Resetting It

iOS 11.4 or Later

  1. Activate 2FA on your iPhone if it’s disabled, then make sure that you’ve configured the screen passcode too.
  2.  Once done, input 0000 in the empty space provided by the software and hit Confirm.
  3. confirm Apple ID removal Passixer | Find Apple ID Password without Resetting It

  4. The software will scan and show your iPhone information. Confirm the info and click Start to download the right firmware to remove the Apple ID from the device.
  5. download firmware for removing Apple ID | Find Apple ID Password without Resetting It

  6. When the download is over, enter 0000 in the empty field and click Unlock.
  7. hit Unlock to remove Apple ID Passixer | Find Apple ID Password without Resetting It

  8. Your Apple ID will be removed in no time.
  9. removing Apple ID Passixer | Find Apple ID Password without Resetting It

Once done, unlock your iPhone using the screen passcode, then link another Apple ID to it.

Note: After removing Apple ID via this approach, it’s best you don’t wipe the device using iTunes or other methods. If you do so, the previous Apple ID linked to the phone will be restored and you will have to deal with iCloud Activation Lock issue. Once this occurs, then it’s time to bypass iCloud Activation Lock using Passixer.

Tips & Tricks: How to Secure Apple ID and Password

To prevent the vulnerability of your Apple ID account, you can use one or more of the methods below to secure your details:

  1. Enable 2FA on the iPhone to provide an extra layer of security for your Apple ID profile.
  2. Use a strong password that you can remember but no intruder or hacker can guess.
  3. Avoid clicking on phishing links so you don’t compromise your profile.
  4. Always update your Apple ID with your current information from time to time.
  5. Do not share your Apple ID details with anyone.


Finding your Apple ID password is now a walk in the park with this comprehensive guide shared in this post. We explained the 5 simple techniques you can follow to get this operation done on your iPhone. Choose the one you like and see the magic. If the underlying issue isn’t resolved and you don’t want to reset your Apple ID password, then you can revert to Passixer to help you remove the Apple ID connected to your iPhone.

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