[2024]5 Ways to Unlock iPhone to Use Accessories without Passcode

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Updated on 2024-02-19

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“Hello, I forgot the screen passcode of my old iPhone and I can’t power the phone now because the passcode is required for unlocking iPhone to use USB accessories. How can I fix that? Please help!”

Does the scenario above sound familiar to you? Or you’ve got something related and you would like to unlock your device to use USB without providing the passcode? This is the right place to find a solution.

Whether you use a newly purchased iPhone or a second hand one, unlocking it to use USB accessories without a passcode is easy with the comprehensive guide we have for you in this post.

1. Why Does My iPhone Say Unlock iPhone to Use Accessories?

Your iPhone would request you to unlock to use accessories for security reasons. Apple updated all iOS devices to display the command “Unlock iPhone to use accessories” when it discovered that GrayKey, a password cracking tool, could unlock any iPhone once a USB connection is established. This cracking tool could cause privacy leakage opening doors for intruders or hackers to access your device and the data you have on it.

You have to unlock the corresponding iPhone to establish a connection with a USB cable before using some accessories like Mac or PC computers.

2. How to Unlock iPhone to Use USB Accessories without Passcode

Now to the technique on how to unlock iPhone to use USB accessories, follow any of the solutions recommended below:

Way 1. Remove iPhone Passcode with Passixer

Firstly, we suggest that you employ the services of a professional iOS unlock solution like Passixer iPhone Unlocker to bypass your lock screen so you can use USB accessories with your iPhone. This feature-rich software lets you get rid of the screen lock and grant full control of your locked iPhone/iPad.

It doesn’t matter whether you use a secondhand iPhone or a new one, this software would always come through when you need to tackle security restriction issues on your iOS device. Passixerremoves any type of security lock, whether digital or biometric. This means, you can leverage this software when Face ID or Touch ID fails to work. It’s also a great option when your iPhone fails to recognize 4-6 digit passcode and alphanumeric security unlock code.

Key Features

  • Within a few clicks, you can remove the screen passcode and use USB accessories with your iPhone.
  • The interface is well-defined with all features properly aligned to ease and hasten iOS unlock operations.
  • Compatible with all iOS versions, including the up-to-date version (iOS 17.0/later)
  • Passixeroffers a wide range of security unlock services, from iCloud Activation Lock removal to Apple ID unlock, Screen Time Passcode removal and many more. 

Tutorial to Remove iPhone Passcode Using Passixer

Here is the illustrative guide to remove the screen passcode linked to your iPhone using Passixer:

Step 1: Download and install Passixer on your computer. Run the software and select Wipe Passcode from the main field to activate the screen unlock feature.

Remove iPhone Passcode Using Passixer step 1

Your computer will launch the screen below on completing the aforementioned step. Click Start to proceed.

Remove iPhone Passcode Using Passixer step 2

Step 2: Next, you need to connect the locked iPhone. You can do this using a USB cable by fixing the appropriate part in the required port. Should you connect properly and Passixer detects your iPhone, you will be directed to the screen below:

connect Passixer with iPhone

Check out the details displayed about your device and click Start to download the firmware package to unlock it.

Step 3: After downloading the firmware, enter 0000 in the empty space provided on the next interface that appears.

Remove iPhone Passcode Using Passixer step 3

Once completed, hit the Unlock button and Passixer will commence screen unlock on your iPhone immediately.

Complete Removing iPhone Passcode Using Passixer

Way 2. Erase iPhone Using iCloud

iCloud is the native storage media for Apple devices that permits you to move data off your iPhone’s internal memory. It’s also cool for wiping your iPhone remotely, in case you are looking for a quick way to remove screen passcode without connecting your device to a computer using USB accessories.

However, there are a few pre-conditions that must be fulfilled. Some of these conditions are:

  1. Make sure you have the Apple ID linked to the iPhone.
  2. Ensure the Find My feature is active on the locked iPhone.

If these conditions are fulfilled, then use the stepwise guide below to erase your iPhone with iCloud:

Step 1: Open iCloud.com on another internet-compatible device and click Sign In.

erase iphone using icloud step 1

Type your Apple ID and the correct password in the space provided and click the appropriate button to log in to your profile.

Step 2: Swipe through the interface displayed, and click Find My to continue.

erase iphone using icloud step 2

Step 3: Click your locked iPhone and select Erase This Device to continue.

erase iphone using icloud step 3

Step 4: Provide your Apple ID password for verification purposes and iCloud will erase the device automatically.

Way 3. Restore iPhone via iTunes

With the iTunes app, you can restore your iPhone and deactivate the current passcode linked to it so you can connect USB accessories without hassles. Just like the Passixer approach, this solution requires that you connect your locked iPhone to a computer using a USB cable. Here’s how to restore your locked iPhone with iTunes:

Step 1: Open the latest version of iTunes on your PC/Mac (if you use macOS Mojave or earlier OS). After that, enter recovery mode using any of the illustrative guide that suits your iOS version below:

iPhone 8 and Later Models

  1. Press the Volume Up button down for a while and release it.
  2. Press the Volume Down button and release it also.
  3. Lastly, hold down the Side button until you discover the recovery mode screen.

iPhone 7/ 7 Plus

  • Hold down both the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously till your iPhone shows the recovery mode logo.

iPhone 6 Series and Older Models

    • Press down the hotkeys: Home + Power together at the same time till your device enters recovery mode.

iphone enter recovery mode

Step 2: While holding down the last button, connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. Once iTunes detects your device, you will get the prompt below on your computer:

iphone itunes restore

Click Restore to proceed.

Step 3: Next, another prompt will come up again. Click Restore again and your device will be restored immediately.

Way 4. Wipe iPhone by Find My App

Using the Find My app, you can track the whereabouts of a missing iPhone or iPad without hassles. This app is also helpful when you need to unlock your device. It offers a convenient way to erase your iPhone.

You don’t need to provide a USB connection for this approach to work. Just make sure you have the Apple ID details linked to the iPhone you want to unlock. Once that’s set, use the steps below to wipe your iPhone:

  1. Get another iOS device, it could be an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open Find My App on the device and sign in the Apple ID on your locked iPhone.
  3. Once you’ve gotten access to your profile, click Devices and select your iPhone from the list of devices connected to the Apple ID.
  4. Select Erase This Device on the next screen and Find My App will wipe the iPhone immediately.

Wipe iPhone by Find My App

Way 5. Reset iPhone Through Lock Screen

With the latest innovation from Apple, you can remove screen lock from your iPhone directly from the lock screen. However, this works for selected iOS versions, strictly iOS 15.2 and later.

Folks with iPhones running on this version of iOS would come across the Erase iPhone feature once their device enters the security lockout screen. This feature is designed to help wipe all content and settings on your iPhone when you cannot remember the screen passcode but have the Apple ID credentials with you. Are you wondering what the Apple ID details have to do with screen passcode removal? Well, it’s needed for security purposes so as to confirm that you are the true owner of the device in question. Here’s how to reset your iPhone through the lock screen:

  1. Firstly, you have to enter the wrong screen passcode as many times as possible until your iPhone shows the security lockout/unavailable screen.
  2. Find and click on the Erase iPhone function at the lower right corner of your screen.
  3. Next, click Erase iPhone again to confirm that you are aware of the consequences of using the feature.
  4. After that, you will find a screen with an empty space where you enter the password linked to the Apple ID displayed. Enter the password correctly and your iPhone will wipe immediately.

reset iphone through lock screen

3. How to Disable USB Restricted Mode with Passcode?

Disabling USB Restricted Mode on your iPhone is cool to avoid security verification each time you connect to a device like a computer via a USB cable. The guide to doing this is pretty easy to employ. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Open the Settings tab on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll to Face ID & Passcode (also known as Touch ID & Passcode on older iPhone models).
  3. Enter your screen passcode to continue.
  4. On the next interface, head to the section where you have Allow Access When Locked and enable Accessories by sliding the icon beside it to show green.  

Disable USB Restricted Mode with Passcode

Bonus: How to Fix USB Accessories Not Charging iPhone

By default, the USB accessories used in charging your iPhone should work without issues. However, for some reasons, this may go the other way around. That is, USB accessories won’t charge our iPhones. When such happens, it means something must be wrong either with the device or the accessory itself.

Find below the possible reasons and how to fix:

Reasons for USB Accessories Isn’t Charging iPhone


Damaged USB Accessories

Change the USB accessories, which could be knobs or cables.

OS Issue

Restart iPhone or iPad
Download and install the latest iOS version.

Charging Port Issues

Visit the nearest Apple Store to help you repair your iPhone.


Q1. Will all my data clear after unlocking my iPhone?

Depending on the approach you use in unlocking your iPhone, the data may be wiped or remained in the internal storage. For instance, when you unlock your iPhone using the correct screen passcode, all the data and settings on the device remain intact. However, if you use the solutions above, your device will be wiped automatically with no installed data or settings left on it.

Q2. Can I use Passixer to unlock my broken iPhone?

Sure, you can! Passixer is a complete iOS unlock tool suitable for bypassing security restrictions on Apple devices, including iPhone and iPad. It doesn’t matter whether your phone screen is damaged or not, this software removes screen lock and gives you control of the device without you entering the corresponding screen passcode.

Final Word

Although USB accessories are designed to help establish a connection between your iPhone and your computer system so all apps and data can be shared, there are situations where it poses a challenge, especially when you want to unlock your screen without the forgotten passcode. The solutions provided in this article should come in handy when this kind of issue arises.

All techniques mentioned in this post remove screen lock without you granting the USB accessories request. However, Passixer is the most preferred from the list. The software handles security complications of this nature and it works for all iPhone models.

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