How to Bypass Disabled iPhone with or without Computer [2024]

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Updated on 2024-03-04

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In this post, we look at the 8 proven ways to bypass a disabled iPhone with or without a computer. Prior to discussing the solutions, let’s have a brief on what it means when your iPhone is disabled.

What Does It Mean When My iPhone is Disabled?

When your iPhone displays the security lockout or disabled/available notification message screen, it means that you cannot use the device until the stipulated time frame has elapsed. You experience this kind of issue when you enter the wrong passcode 5 times or more consecutively. To solve this, you can try any of the solutions introduced in the sections below. Keep reading!

Part 1. How to Unlock Disabled iPhone with Computer?

If you are in possession of a computer system, whether Mac or Windows, employ any of the solutions provided here to fix your disabled iPhone right away.

Way 1. Quickest Way to Bypass Phone Disabled without iCloud and iTunes

As we all know, common disabled iPhone solutions that require a computer system need iCloud or iTunes. However, that’s now history with the advent of professional iOS unlock software like Passixer iPhone Unlocker, an all-in-one iOS unlocker designed to handle any security locks whatsoever you may face on your iPhone, and iPad.

This reputable software gets your iPhone out of disabled screen without a passcode. It bypasses disabled screen on nearly all iOS versions, from iOS 5.0 to 17.0. Your tech proficiency doesn’t matter when navigating around this software, as it powers a sleek UI that even a newbie can understand.

Key Features

  1. Remove disabled screens without iCloud or iTunes on any iPhone model.
  2. Unlock your iPhone without passcode and install the most recent iOS version.
  3. All-round iOS unlock solution: screen unlock, bypass MDM, Bypass iCloud activation lock, and more.
  4. Passixer powers a simple user interface.

Steps to Unlock Disabled iPhone without iCloud or iTunes via Passixer

Install Passixer from the official website and use the instructional guides below to bypass your disabled iPhone screen.

Step 1: Launch Passixer on your computer and a screen with the various unlock features will come up. Click the Wipe Passcode tile to proceed.

click Wipe Passcode Passixer | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Connect the disabled iPhone to your computer via a USB cable, and hit Start.

click Start after phone connection Passixer | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Step 2: Next, Passixer will proceed to analyze your iPhone and display its info. Check the details and click Start if it tallies with what you have for your device.

download firmware after info confirmation Passixer | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

The software will quickly download a firmware package to fix your disabled screen.

firmware downloading Passixer | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Step 3: Wait for the download to finish, then click Next, and enter 0000 in the unlocking box displayed. Once done, hit the Unlock button.

start unlocking iPhone Passixer | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Passixer iPhone Unlocker will automatically unlock the device without hesitation. Be patient till the software unlocks the iPhone, then disconnect it from the computer and start using it.

finished unlocking iPhone Passixer | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Way 2. iPhone Disabled Bypass via iCloud

Via your iCloud account, you can also clear disabled iPhone remotely on any computer system. For this solution, you take advantage of the Find My feature on your iCloud profile to wipe your device, so as to bypass the security lockout screen and reclaim control once again.  

However, to use this solution, you need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Ensure the Find My feature is active on the locked iPhone.
  2. Make sure you have the Apple ID details linked to the device.

Once the conditions above are ticked, apply the stepwise guide below to bypass your disabled iPhone using iCloud.

Step 1: Open a browser on your PC/Mac, and visit The screen shown below will come up:

click Sign In | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Tap the black Sign in button and type your Apple ID credentials in the empty fields provided. Click the appropriate icons to login.

Step 2: Provide the 2FA code sent to any of the devices linked to your Apple ID if necessary to successfully access your iCloud profile. Once your iCloud account opens, scroll down and click on Find My.

select Find My iCloud page | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Wait for Apple to locate your device, just as displayed in the image shared below:

choose disabled iPhone from Device list | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Click on the green All Devices button at the top to launch the drop-down menu. Choose your iPhone from the list to continue.

Step 3: Select Erase This Device from the options displayed on the left hand side of your screen. Provide your Apple ID for confirmation, and click Erase iPhone again to wipe your device. Wait for the device to reset, and boom! It’s automatically unlocked.

erase disabled iPhone | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Way 3. iPhone Disabled Bypass with iTunes

iTunes is the native music streaming app for Apple devices. It’s also versatile for fixing security challenges like disabled iOS screens. This app helps you unlock your iPhone by restoring your device.

Step 1: Start by installing the latest iTunes app on your PC, then launch it to bypass your disabled screen.

Step 2: Next, enable Recovery Mode on the disabled iPhone. Here’s how to do this for the different iPhone models:

iPhone 8/X and Later models

  1. Press down the Volume Up icon on your iPhone, then release.
  2. Hold down the Volume Down button this time and release it too.
  3. Now hold the Side button, until you see the recover mode screen.

iPhone 7/7 Plus

  • Press both the Volume Down and Power buttons together and wait for your iPhone screen to show the recovery mode interface.

iPhone 6/ and Older Models

  • Hold the Home button and Power button simultaneously, and wait for your screen to display recovery mode.  
  • put iPhone into Recovery Mode | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Step 3: Keep holding the last button(s), then connect it to the PC using the original USB cable.

Step 4: Open iTunes and choose your iPhone. Click Restore in the shown prompt and wait patiently for iTunes to restore your device. When the restoration is completed, grab the iPhone and set it up.

restore iPhone in recovery mode | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Part 2. How to Bypass iPhone Disabled iPhone without a Computer

Not in possession of a computer system? Then you can apply the following solutions to bypass disabled iPhone without PC effortlessly.

Way 1. Use Old iPhone Passcode

Your previous passcode can also come in handy when you need to enable a disabled iPhone. This effortless approach helps you reclaim access to your device without clearing any data from your system. It’s a very simple technique that can be done directly from the iPhone, However, mind you, it only works for selected iOS versions, preferably iOS 17.0.

If you use an iPhone running on such OS, use the simple guide below to enable the disabled screen.

Step 1: Enter the wrong passcode multiple times consecutively until your phone displays the security lockout screen or “iPhone Unavailable” error message.

Step 2: Hit the Forgot Passcode? icon found at the bottom right corner of your screen, and your iPhone will direct you to another interface. On this page, your iPhone will ask you to enter your previous passcode to unlock it.

Click on the Try Passcode Reset icon and enter the corresponding detail there.

Step 3: Wait for your device to confirm the passcode. Once done, another screen with an empty field for you to enter a new passcode. Enter the digits you can easily remember in the future, and click the appropriate icon to end the process.

use old passcode to unlock disabled iPhone | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer


  1. You must have changed your iPhone passcode in the last 72 hours for this approach to work.
  2. It’s only suitable for iOS 17.0 and later operating systems.

Way 2. Erase iPhone on Lock Screen

Not running iOS 17.0 or later on your device and need to unlock your device without a computer system? There’s a way out if you use iOS 15.2 or later. Like the aforementioned solution, it can be done directly from the iPhone. However, you will lose all of the data stored on your device. Also, you must have the Apple ID details and connect your disabled iPhone to the Internet before implementing this solution.

If you have all of the above conditions checked, use the guide below to unlock your disabled iPhone using the Erase iPhone option.

Step 1: Type the wrong passcode on your iPhone as many times as possible until the device shows “iPhone is Unavailable” or security lockout screen. After that, a screen with the Erase iPhone icon will come up.

Step 2: Tap Erase iPhone and your iPhone will send a prompt updating you on the repercussion of your action, as your entire data will be wiped. Hit the Erase iPhone button at the bottom right corner of the screen again to proceed.

Step 3: Enter your Apple ID password in the space provided on the next screen that pops up. Now, your iPhone will automatically wipe itself and restart. When it comes up, you have to reconfigure it to start using it once again.

unlock iPhone with Erase iPhone option | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Way 3. Unlock iPhone Disabled via iCloud(On Phone)

Once you have an internet connected smartphone at hand, you are good to use it for reclaiming control of your disabled iPhone via iCloud. Just use the simple guide here.

Step 1: Open a web browser on your accessible phone and access Click the black Sign in button and enter your iCloud details in the fields provided. Ensure the details correspond with the one on the disabled iPhone.

Enter 2FA code if necessary and click the right button to continue.

Step 2: Navigate to where you have Find My, click on it.

Be patient for iCloud to display your iPhone whereabout. Once done, you get a screen as below, just click the All Devices drop-down menu and select the disabled iPhone from the list of devices displayed:

Step 3: Now, iCloud will direct you to another screen similar to the one shown here:

Tap Erase This Device, enter your Apple ID details again and click the appropriate button to validate your action. Without delay, iCloud will wipe your system, so you can access it freely.

unlock iPhone on phone's iCloud | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer


  1. Clears all your data files.
  2. You need the Apple ID linked with the disabled iPhone.
  3. You must have enabled Find My on the disabled iPhone before.

Way 4. Erase iPhone Using Find My App

Instead of using iCloud, you can also leverage the Find My feature on your another iPhone/iPad to unlock your disabled device. Though the feature is designed to help you discover the last location of your device in a situation where it goes missing, you can also use it to erase your iPhone remotely if you are looking to bypass your disabled screen.

Here’s the instructional guide to erase your iPhone via Find My app.

  1. Sign in another iPhone/iPad with the Apple ID used in the disabled iPhone.
  2. Open Find My app and select the disabled iPhone from the list shown.
  3. Next, scroll down and hit the red Erase This Device button and your iPhone will automatically wipe itself.
  4. unlock iPhone with Find My | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer


  1. You need your correct Apple ID details to apply this solution.
  2. Make sure you are connected to a reliable internet connection.

Way 5. iPhone Disabled Bypass through Siri

Lastly, we suggest using Siri to bypass your disabled iPhone without a computer. This solution is best fit for selected iPhone models, especially those running on iOS 8.0 to 10.3. If your device is using a similar iOS and you got locked out, follow these steps to unlock it via Siri.

Step 1:  Launch Siri on your device by holding down the Home button. When Siri appears, speak to it. You can say “what time is it?”, and Siri will launch a clock on your screen.

Step 2: Tap on the clock to open the World Clock. After that, proceed to customize the clock displayed. Click on the + icon situated at the upper right corner of the page displayed, and enter any text in the space provided.

add a new clock | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Step 3: Highlight all the text you just entered, and select Share from the options shown. Choose Message as your preferred mode to export the selected text.

share seleted words | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Step 4: You should be directed to the Message app screen. In the To field, enter a text and tap on the Return icon on your keyboard.

create a new contact | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Step 5: Once done, hit the + icon to create a new contact. When the corresponding screen pops up, hit the Add Photo > Choose Photo icons.

tap Choose Photo | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer

Step 6: Pick a photo from the image album displayed. Finally, wait a while and press the Home button on your iPhone to unlock it.

pick an image for contact | Bypass Disabled iPhone Without Computer


  1. Apple smartphones running on iOS 11 and later can’t use this solution to bypass disabled screen.
  2. Siri must be active for you to use this solution.


With any of the 8 solutions above, you can fix any disabled iPhone effortlessly with or without a computer. The solutions are easy to employ and require no subscription for you to use them. Our best option is Passixer iPhone Unlocker. The software unlocks your disabled iPhone without passcode.

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