How to Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Without Emergency Call

by Lorena Hill

Updated on 2024-03-07

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Nowadays, our iPhones have become extensions of ourselves. They store our memories, and sensitive information, and keep us connected with the world. However, you might get locked out of your iPhone, either because you forgot the passcode or for some other reasons. In this article, we will describe how to bypass the iPhone lock screen with/without an emergency call. So whether you need help with bypassing iPhone lock screen using Emergency Call or other tools right away or just want to learn more about your iPhone, keep reading to find out how to get back into your device safely and easily.

Part 1: Can You Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Using Emergency Call

The way to bypass your iPhone using emergency calls depends on which iOS version it has. If it’s an old version like iOS 6.1, you can use the emergency call trick. However, Apple fixed this trick in newer iOS versions, so if your iPhone has a recent version, the trick won’t work. But don’t stress about it. If the trick doesn’t work, we’ll guide you through another, simpler method to unlock your iPhone without using the emergency call trick.

Note: While the method below might help you unlock an iPhone with iOS 6.1, it won’t let you fully use your iPhone. It only lets you see photos, use the phone, and check contacts. If you try to use other iPhone features, you’ll be brought back to the lock screen.

Part 2: How to Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Using Emergency Call

Bypassing the iPhone screen through the Emergency Call feature, as explained in this guide, relies on a loophole in the iOS 6.1 version. Keep in mind that this method is only for specific iPhone models with iOS 6.1 and might not work on newer versions. It’s important to use this information responsibly and only on devices where it’s legally allowed. Here are the 2 ways to bypass the iPhone lock screen using an emergency call.

Way 1: Try Typing the Wrong Passcode

Step 1: Slide your iPhone to unlock it. Enter any incorrect passcode for this trick to succeed.

Step 2: Skip the iPhone passcode screen. Instead of using a passcode, slide to unlock and press the Emergency Call button. Keep the Power button pressed until the turn-off slider shows up. Press Cancel. You’ll see the taskbar at the top of the iPhone screen turn light blue.

Step 3: Call 112 or 119 (emergency numbers like 911). Tap the emergency call button, then quickly tap Cancel. Press the power button and let go to turn off your iPhone screen.

call emergency numbers on iPhone lock screen | Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Using Emergency Call

Step 4: When the screen is dark, tap the Home or Power button to wake it up. Slide to unlock as usual. Press the power button for about 3 seconds, then select Emergency Call before the turn-off slider shows up. This should unlock your iPhone.

Way 2: Try Typing Random Numbers

Step 1: Start your iPhone and touch the Emergency option on the screen.

Step 2: Enter random numbers, press Call, then quickly cancel.

Step 3: Do the same a few times, then press the Home button. Your iPhone is now unlocked.

type random numbers on iPhone lock screen | Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Using Emergency Call

Part 3: Best Way to Bypass iPhone Lock Screen – Passixer

The regular methods of bypassing the iPhone might not work well or easily can fail. However, the best way to unlock the iPhone lock screen is by using a perfect unlocker tool. For this, we suggest you Passixer iPhone Unlocker. It is one of the most handy iOS unlockers for both Mac and Windows. This program helps iPhone users with 6 different types of unlocking needs, such as unlocking the screen, removing Apple ID or iCloud passwords, and bypassing screen time passcodes. By using Passixer, you can remove the screen lock in any scenario such as forgetting the screen passcode, iPhone being disabled, face/touch ID doesn’t work, etc. This unlocker has the highest success rate in the market for unlocking iPhones.

Key Features:

  • Passixer iPhone Unlocker can easily and safely remove any type of screen lock on your iPhone, whether it’s a 4/6-digit passcode or Touch/Face ID.
  • If you can’t remember your screen password, have a disabled iPhone or Face ID isn’t working, the software can fix it.
  • Open a secondhand iPhone, even if it’s locked or with broken screen, without needing the password.
  • Gives an easy-to-use interface to make using the software simple.
  • Works with every iPad and iPhone, no matter which version of iOS you have.

Follow the below steps to bypass the iPhone lock screen using Passixer.

Step 1: Once you’ve installed Passixer iPhone Unlocker on your computer, open it. In the main menu, choose “Wipe Passcode” and plug in your iPhone to the computer.

choose Wipe Passcode | Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Using Emergency Call

Step 2: Once Passixer iPhone Unlocker finds your device, make sure the on-screen details are correct. Then, click “Start,” download the firmware package.

download firmware | Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Using Emergency Call

Step 3: After installing the firmware package, hit “Next” to go on. Type “0000” after reading the warning and then tap the “Unlock” button to unlock your iPhone passcode. After a while, you’ll be able to get into your locked iPhone without passcode.

hit Unlock | Bypass iPhone Lock Screen with Emergency Call

Part 4: Other Ways to Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Without Emergency Call

If you cannot bypass your iPhone lock screen with an emergency call, there are other methods to bypass your iPhone passcode without an emergency call, except for the best way of using Passixer. Here, we are providing 5 other ways below.

Way 1: With Siri

Siri is like a smart friend for iPhone users. It can do lots of helpful things. And guess what? You can unlock your iPhone without a password using Siri. But there are some conditions: your iPhone should have iOS 10 and be connected to the internet with Siri turned on. Here are the steps to bypass the iPhone lock screen without an emergency call via Siri.

Step 1: Hold down the home button and ask Siri, “Hey Siri, what time is it?” A clock will pop up. Just tap it and then tap the plus button in the top right corner.

Step 2: Type any letters in the search box. Then double-tap the name you typed and choose “Select All.”

select typed words under Choose a City | Bypass iPhone Lock Screen with Emergency Call

Step 3: Pick the “Share” option and then select the “Message” app.

Step 4: To move forward, tap any letter in the “To” field on the message page and press the “+” key.

Step 5: Choose "Create New Contact" > "Add Photos" > "Choose Photo".

Step 6: After you are led to the Photos app, press the home button. That’s it, your iPhone will be unlocked!

choose Add Photos | Bypass iPhone Lock Screen with Emergency Call

Way 2: Using iTunes

iTunes is a program made by Apple that helps you listen to music and organize your digital stuff. Besides playing music, it can also move things between your computer and Apple gadgets, like iPhones. If you’ve connected your iPhone to iTunes, you can easily unlock it. Follow the below steps to unlock the iPhone lock screen using iTunes.

Step 1: First, make sure your computer has the latest iTunes. Now, use a cable and connect your iPhone to the PC.

Step 2: Put your device in recovery mode. The way to do this might be different depending on your device’s model.

iPhone 6s and Below:

Turn your device off and hold the “Home” button until recovery mode screen shows on your iPhone.

iPhone 7/7Plus:

Power off your device. Press the “Volume Down” button and release the button when you see the recovery mode icon on your iPhone.

iPhone 8 to later:

Press the “Volume Up” button. Then press “Volume Down” button and the “Power” button until recovery mode appears on the device screen.

set iPhone into Recovery Mode | Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Using Emergency Call

Step 3: Open iTunes on your computer. You’ll see a message on the interface. Click on Restore and wait for iTunes to download the latest software for your iPhone.

restore iPhone with iTunes | Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Using Emergency Call

Step 4: Once the download is done, your device will reset. When it’s finished, you’ll see the Hello screen on your iPhone.

Way 3: Via iCloud

If you know your Apple ID password and have enabled Find My iPhone, you can erase your iPhone remotely using iCloud. Here are the steps to bypass the iPhone lock screen via iCloud.

Step 1: Open on your computer or another device and log in with the Apple ID used on the locked iPhone.

sign into iCloud with Apple ID | Bypass iPhone Lock Screen with Emergency Call

Step 2: If asked for two-factor authentication, click “Didn’t get a verification code,” choose “Text Me,” and enter the 6-digit code received as a text message on your iPhone.

Step 3: Go to Find My > All Devices > Erase This Device.

erase iPhone with iCloud | Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Using Emergency Call

Step 4: Your iPhone will restart, and all data, including the passcode, will be erased. Now, you can unlock your iPhone without a passcode.

Way 4: By Using Your Apple ID

To unlock your iPhone without the passcode, Apple has a new way. If your iPhone is updated to iOS 15.2 or a newer version, you can erase and reset it using your Apple ID and password. Follow the below steps to bypass the iPhone without a passcode.

Step 1: Keep trying your passcode until you see the option to erase your iPhone at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Click on “Erase iPhone” and confirm that you wish to erase your device.

Step 3: Sign out of your Apple ID by entering your Apple ID password.

Step 4: Click “Erase iPhone” to permanently remove all the data and settings.

Step 5: After your device restarts, follow the instructions on the screen to set it up again and choose a new passcode.

erase iPhone in lock screen | Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Using Emergency Call

Way 5: With Find My App

The Find My app is made by Apple to find a lost device. It can also wipe out all the stuff on your device. By using this app, you can unlock your device but it will wipe all your data. Follow these steps to bypass your iPhone with Find My App.

Step 1: Open the “Find My app” on another Apple device and press “Devices”. Make sure you are logged in with Apple ID that’s already signed with the locked iPhone.

Step 2: Pick your disabled iPhone from the list and tap “Erase This Device”.

Step 3: Hit “Erase This Device” to delete everything on your device.

erase iPhone with Find My app | Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Using Emergency Call


Our phones are very important in our lives. Forgetting the password for your iPhone is even worse than losing it. It’s annoying to have your iPhone with you but not be able to use it. In this article, we have described how to bypass the iPhone lock screen with/without an emergency call. We have listed many ways to unlock an iPhone. However, we think the Passixer iPhone Unlocker is a great option. It’s easy to use and helps you unlock your iPhone with guaranteed result. It’s a safe and trustworthy choice, perfect for anyone who wants a smooth experience.

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