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DNS bypass is a trick to remove iCloud Activation Lock from your iPhone/iPad without password and previous owner. So how does it work and how can you complete DNS bypass Activation Lock on your iDevice? Next, we will answer these questions in detail and also introduce an alternative way to permanently bypass Activation Lock. Let’s move on now.

use DNS to bypass Activation Lock | DNS Bypass Activation Lock

Part 1. Quick Overview of DNS Bypass Activation Lock

How Does DNS Bypass Work on Activation Lock Removal?

DNS bypass Activation Lock involves manipulating iPhone/iPad DNS servers by diverting the connection of your device from the original server provided by Apple to a third-party server. It’s a popular method used by many folks experiencing Activation Lock on their Apple devices (iPhone & iPad) and don’t have the iCloud password.

Reasons You Might Need iCloud DNS Bypass

  • You purchased a used iOS device that’s still linked with the previous owner iCloud account.
  • You can’t remember your iCloud password after factory resetting your iPad/iPhone.
  • You inherited an iDevice with an Activation Lock from a family member or friend.

Limitations of iCloud DNS Bypass

While iCloud DNS Bypass can be an effective way to bypass the Activation Lock on your iPad, it’s important to understand its limitations:

  • It is not a permanent unlock solution: iCloud DNS Bypass provides temporary access to your device’s features and functions. It does not permanently remove the Activation Lock.
  • Limited functionality: While using iCloud DNS Bypass, you may have access to certain features of your iPad, but not all functionalities will be available.
  • Compatibility issues: iCloud DNS Bypass may work for some iOS versions and devices, but it may not be effective for all versions or devices with enhanced security measures.

Now that we understand the reasons and limitations of using DNS Bypass to unlock iCloud lock, let’s dive into the methods to bypass the Activation Lock on your iOS/iPadOS device using DNS.

Part 2. How to Use DNS Bypass Activation Lock For Free

Here, we will walk you through the most reliable steps to bypass the Activation Lock using DNS without hassle. Keep reading!

Step 1: Turn on your iOS device and proceed with the setup process by selecting your language and country.

Step 2: When prompted to connect to a Wi-Fi network, tap on the “i” symbol next to the Wi-Fi network name.

Step 3: Tap on “Connection Settings” and select “Forget this Network” to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network.

Forget this Network | DNS Bypass Activation Lock

Step 4: Tap on the “i” symbol again, and this time, click on “Configure DNS” .

Step 5: Select “Manual” and enter a DNS server IP address corresponding to your location. Here are some options:

enter a DNS server IP address | DNS Bypass Activation Lock

  • USA:
  • Europe:
  • Asia:
  • Australia and Oceania:
  • Other continents:

Step 7: Tap “Save” and connect to the Wi-Fi network again. Then, when the activation screen pops-up press “Back” to avoid the going to the iCloud Bypass Screen.

Step 8: Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on “Activation Help” to open host apps, music, internet, etc.

Further Steps to Unlock All iPhone/iPad Features After DNS Bypass

By following the steps below, you should be able to fully unlock your iCloud-locked iPhone or iPad to use its all  features after bypassing Activation Lock via DNS.

Step 1: After completing the fore steps in this part, tap on “Menu” and select “Applications” .

Step 2: Look for and tap on “Crash” to restart your iPad automatically.

restart your iPad automatically | DNS Bypass Activation Lock

Step 3: Wait for your iDevice to restart and select “Language and Country” when prompted.

Step 4: From the “Choose a Wi-Fi Network” interface, tap on the Home button and go to “More Wi-Fi Settings” .

Step 5: Tap on the “i” symbol next to your Wi-Fi network and go to “Menu” > “HTTP Proxy” .

  • Clear the existing HTTP address and enter 30 distinct emoji icons in the “Server” zone. Type “8888” in the “Port” zone.
  • Tap on “Back” and then “Next.” You will be directed to the unlock screen. Press the Home button to unlock.
  • Tap the language option until the Home screen appears, and you will have access to more functions on your iPad.

Tap the language option | DNS Bypass Activation Lock

While iCloud DNS Bypass can provide additional functions on your iPad, it’s essential to note that there is a risk of data loss or complete damage to the Apple device.

Now that we’ve explored the way to DNS bypass Activation Lock, let’s move on to a savior solution that ensures a successful bypass without any complications.

Part 3. How to Permanently Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad

Suppose you’re in a very urgent situation, bypassing Activation Lock on iPad using DNS won’t be helpful since it won’t give you access to all features on your devices except you use the “DNS Bypass Crash” technique (which is not really straightforward) to get the job done. Or DNS bypass doesn’t work for you to bypass Activation Lock on your iPhone/iPad. For these reasons, it’s recommended you employ a smart technique using avant-garde iOS unlock software like Passixer iPhone Unlocker.

Passixer iPhone Unlocker is a trusted tool that ensures a successful iCloud bypass without any risks or limitations. The tool is designed to bypass all kinds of locks on iOS and iPadOS devices. So, whether you’re looking to bypass Activation Lock, remove screen lock, remove iTunes backup password, or more on your iPad, the tool will provide a permanent unlock solution to get the job done. This way, you are allowed to regain full control of your device and enjoy all its features.

Key Features

  • Ensure a permanent bypass of the Activation Lock on your iPad, allowing you to use your device without any limitations.
  • Easy to use, even for individuals with limited technical knowledge. The simple and intuitive interface makes the Activation Lock removal process hassle-free.
  • 99.99% success rate guaranteed.
  • Bypass all kinds of iOS and iPadOS screen locks, like 4-6 digits passcodes, Face ID and Touch ID.

Steps to Forever Bypass Activation Lock with Passixer

Step 1: Open “Passixer iPhone Unlocker” software on your Mac or PC > connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer. Then, select “Bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

Passixer iPhone Unlocker step 1 | DNS Bypass Activation Lock

Step 2: Securely jailbreak your iDevice by clicking “iOS Jailbreak Tutorial” and following the guide. After the jailbreak is complete, click “Next” to proceed to the next step.

Passixer iPhone Unlocker step 2 | DNS Bypass Activation Lock

Step 3: Passixer iPhone Unlocker will commence the iCloud Activation Lock bypass process and will complete it within a few minutes. After that, you can disconnect your device from the computer to set it up.

Passixer iPhone Unlocker step 3 | DNS Bypass Activation Lock


  • Permanent iCloud Activation Lock removal.
  • User-friendly interface for easy operation.
  • Compatibility with all iPhone/iPad models and iOS/iPadOS versions.
  • Regular updates to ensure effectiveness.


  • Passixer iPhone Unlocker has not reported any issue about the app.


Q1: Does iCloud DNS Bypass Release the Activation Lock?

Yes, iCloud DNS Bypass can release the Activation Lock temporarily, providing access to certain functions on your iPhone/iPad. However, it is not a permanent unlock solution.

Q2: Is Jailbreak Required for Activation Lock Bypass?

Absolutely, yes. Jailbreaking is essential for bypassing Activation Lock on iPhone or iPad. However, keep in mind that it does not remove Activation Lock.Jailbreaking allows you to regain full access to your iOS device, but please note that certain features such as calls, data, and iCloud may still have restrictions. It is important to avoid rebooting, restoring factory settings, or refreshing the firmware after successfully bypassing the iOS device. Doing so can trigger the Activation Lock again, requiring you to unlock your device once more.

Q3: Can DNS Bypass Activation Lock be Used on Any iOS Device?

While this method may have worked in the past, it is worth mentioning that Apple continuously updates its security measures to prevent such bypass methods. Therefore, it is possible that this method may not work on newer iOS versions or devices with enhanced security features.


Bypassing the touch Activation Lock on your iDevice can be a daunting task, but with the right methods and tools, it becomes much easier. In this comprehensive guide, we explored the way of bypassing the Activation Lock using DNS and introduced Passixer iPhone Unlocker, a reliable and efficient solution for a successful bypass. Remember to consider the limitations and risks associated with each method and choose the one that best suits your needs. With Passixer iPhone Unlocker, you can bypass the Activation Lock on your iPad/iPhone without any complications.

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