Forgot Your Apple ID Password: How to Find/Reset/Remove It

by Lorena Hill

Updated on 2024-03-21

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Your Apple ID details play a significant role on all Apple devices. This piece of details, consisting of an email address and password, is the key to all services underneath the Apple ecosystem, including iCloud, App Store, iMessage and more. Losing one of these details ends your access to any Apple services.

What can you do if you forget your Apple ID password unluckily? If so, you don’t necessarily have to beat yourself up about it as we also have folks with excellent memories running into the same challenge. Having known this, sourcing a guide that explains what to do when you forget your Apple password would be helpful. In this post, we will discuss this in detail. Without further delay, let’s delve in!

Part 1. Find Your Forgotten Apple ID Password Without Resetting It

To begin with, we suggest that you find the forgotten Apple ID password. The solutions below explain how you can find your Apple ID credentials easily and quickly without resetting:

Way 1. Check Notepad or Password Manager

Sometimes we document our confidential details in Notepad or password managers for future reference. If you’ve written down your Apple ID password in any of these places, we suggest that you check and fetch the details from there.

Way 2. Use Safari to Find Apple ID Password

Safari, the native web browser for Apple devices, can also be helpful when fixing the underlying issue. Via this app, you can easily discover the password you use for your Apple ID. Are you wondering how possible that is? Well, it’s all because of the iCloud Keychain – a built-in password manager capable of garnering and storing whatever information you fill out on a website while surfing the internet using Apple services like Safari.

Tip: This way applies to elder iOS.

Use the following stepwise guide to find your Apple ID via Safari:

  1. Locate the Settings app on your iPhone Home Screen and click on it.
  2. Swipe through the options displayed on the subsequent screen and select Safari.
  3. Next, hit Passwords & Autofill when the screen below appears:
  4. tap Passwords & Autofill | Unlock iPad Without Password

  5. Tap Saved Passwords. Then, browse through the website links shown on your screen and click on the URL that corresponds with that for your Apple ID.
  6. Now, enter your screen password and your request will be immediately processed in no time.  
  7. enter screen passcode to see Apple ID password | Unlock iPad Without Password

Note: It’s crucial you enable Safari to sync your data with iCloud for this solution to be effective.

Way 3. Check Settings

From the settings panel on your iPhone running a newer iOS, you can confirm what your Apple ID password is whenever you lose it. All you need to do is proceed to your profile page and check iCloud. To understand this better, here is the detailed guide you have to follow:

  1. Open the Setting panel on your device.
  2. Scroll down the page to Passwords & Accounts(iOS 13 or earlier) or Passwords(iOS 13 later) and tap the option.
  3. Enter your passcode to move on.
  4. Find or to check your Apple ID password.

Note: All of the aforementioned solutions are best for folks who still have access to their locked screen.

Part 2. Reset Apple ID Password

Unable to find the forgotten Apple ID password after employing the solutions above? It’s time you reset your Apple ID so you can change the password to something you can easily remember. There are multiple ways to go about this, but we will focus on the two below:

Way 1. Via Settings

You can reset your Apple ID password from the settings panel. This is a completely free solution you could employ to change the password to your Apple ID. Follow these steps to get this done:

  1. Open the Settings panel on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the profile tab and select Sign-In & Security from the options that pop up.
  3. Click on Change Password on the subsequent interface.
  4. Input your screen passcode in the field provided to proceed.
  5. change Apple ID password in iPhone Settings | Unlock iPad Without Password

  6. Now, enter your new Apple ID password and confirm your entry. Your Apple ID password has been successfully reset.  

In case you can’t perform the operation from your iPhone, you can use a Mac. Here is how to do that if you use macOS:

  1. Head to the upper left corner of your screen and click on the Apple icon.
  2. Select System Preferences. Alternatively, you can press down the hotkeys Cmd + Spacebar and enter System Preferences in the search bar to access the same screen.
  3. Click on your profile name on the left sidebar.
  4. change Apple ID password on Mac | Unlock iPad Without Password

  5. Proceed to the right-hand panel and choose Sign-In & Security.
  6. Select Change Password on the next screen.
  7. You have to provide the password you use in unlocking your Mac on the subsequent screen. Input the correct password to proceed.
  8. Enter the new password to use henceforth twice, and your Apple ID details will be automatically updated.  

Way 2. Via iCloud

Using iCloud, you can quickly reset the password to your Apple ID. However, you must have access to the mobile number connected to the Apple ID as you will be requested to provide it during the reset process. In addition to this condition, it’s crucial that you are able to use the phone that’s connected to the Apple ID for verification purposes.

Once you’ve positioned yourself for all of this, get an internet-enabled device and apply the step-by-step guide given down here:

  1. Launch a web browser and access
  2. access iCloud | Unlock iPad Without Password

  3. Tap on Sign In and then select Forgotten your password?.
  4. click Forgotten Password | Unlock iPad Without Password

  5. You will be directed to the official website for password reset.
  6. Enter the email address of your Apple ID in the correct field and input the captcha code. Afterward, click Enter to proceed.  
  7. enter email or phone number | Unlock iPad Without Password

  8. Type the phone number linked to your Apple ID in the space provided on the subsequent screen and click on Continue.
  9. You will receive a password reset notification prompt from Apple on one of the devices linked to your Apple ID. If you are using an iPhone, click Allow to proceed.
  10. Enter your screen passcode for verification and provide the new Apple ID password you want to start using.

However, if you are using macOS for verification,

  1. Tap on Show and select Reset Password.
  2. Enter the new password and click on the corresponding icon to complete the guide.

The steps above are for users who have set up 2FA to their Apple ID accounts before. If you haven’t set up 2FA before, you can reset your password with the corresponding email address or security questions. To use security questions,

  1. Proceed to on any device with internet connection and click on Reset Password.
  2. click Reset Password | Unlock iPad Without Password

  3. Provide your Apple ID in the required field and click on Next.
  4. Select your preferred option to reset your Apple ID. In this case, choose with Security Questions to proceed.
  5. Next, you will be provided with three security questions which must all be answered correctly.
  6. answer security questions | Unlock iPad Without Password

  7. Ensure you input the right answers, then click Continue.
  8. Enter the new password you want to use henceforth and confirm your entry afterwards. Once done, your Apple ID password will be reset straightaway.

Part 3. How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone Without Password

If the phone number and email address linked to the Apple ID are no longer in usage and you forgot the answers of security questions, resetting your Apple ID password can be challenging. In this scenario, you have no choice but to create and sign in a new Apple profile on your iPhone. To accomplish this, you have to remove the Apple ID that’s connected to the device first using a professional iOS unlocker like Passixer. This software guarantees the easiest and quickest means of removing Apple ID from an iDevice without password. Passixer, with its simplified user interface, is applicable for Apple ID removal in many scenarios. It doesn’t matter whether you can’t remember your Apple ID, need to remove Apple ID from a secondhand device, etc, this software has got you covered.

Key Features

  1. Instantly remove and link another Apple ID to your iPhone or iPad without hassles.
  2. Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on any iDevice in minutes.
  3. Comprehensive interface that you can easily follow.
  4. Bypass any type of screen locks, including 4-digit/6-digit passcodes, Face ID, and Touch ID on any iPhone/iPad models.

Tutorial Guide to Remove Apple ID from iPhone Using Passixer

Start with installing the latest version of  Passixer on your PC/Mac, and follow the steps below to remove the Apple ID linked to your iPhone straight away:

Step 1: Launch the software on your computer and tap on Remove Apple ID from the options provided.

click Remove Apple ID | Unlock iPad Without Password

Step 2: Get the iPhone with Apple ID issues connected to your computer with the aid of a certified USB cable. You will receive a prompt on your iPhone if it’s your first time establishing a connection with the computer. Click Trust.

connect iPhone to Passixer | Unlock iPad Without Password

Step 3: Hit the Start button on the subsequent interface, then follow the instructions that pop up afterwards depending on the situation of your device.

click Start | Unlock iPad Without Password

Situation 1: If Find My is OFF

Once Passixer detects that Find My is disabled on your device, Apple ID removal will commence immediately after completing the step above with no data loss.

Situation 2: Find My is Enabled (iOS 11.4 or Earlier) 

Immediately after clicking the button above, proceed to the settings tab on your device to reset its settings. To do that, select General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Once resetting is completed, Passxier will start the Apple ID removal in no time.

Situation 3: Find My is Enabled (iOS 11.4 and Later)

Make sure the Two-Factor Authentication feature and screen passcode configuration are both active on the device. Afterwards, Passixer will display the screen below:

set up 2FA and passcode | Unlock iPad Without Password

Input 0000 and click on Confirm. Without delay, the software will display some information about your iPhone on your screen. Check the info and then click on Start to install the firmware package to remove the Apple ID connected to the device.

download firmware for Apple ID removal | Unlock iPad Without Password

Once the firmware package is downloaded, enter 0000 on the subsequent screen and click on Unlock. Passixer will commence the Apple ID removal straight away. Once done, you can now create and connect a new Apple ID with the iPhone.

remove Apple ID | Unlock iPad Without Password

Important Notice About Removing Apple ID with Passixer:

  • Do not factory reset the iOS device, otherwise the removed Apple ID will be automatically restored and iCloud Activation Lock will be enabled.

Part 4. What If I Forgot My Apple ID and Password for Activation Lock?

Perhaps iCloud lock is activated on your iPhone and you don’t have access to the Apple ID and password linked to the device, the following solutions should help reclaim control:

Way 1. Use Passixer

Besides removing Apple ID from your iPhone, Passixer functions also extend to iCloud Activation Lock. With this software, you can fix iCloud Activation Lock on any iPhone or iPad model without hassles. To do this, apply the following steps:

Step 1: Select Bypass iCloud Activation Lock from the unlock options displayed.

click Bypass iCloud Activation Lock | Unlock iPad Without Password

Step 2: Connect the iCloud-locked iPhone using a certified USB cable.

connected iPhone Passixer | Unlock iPad Without Password

Step 3: Once Passixer detects your iPhone, you will be directed to a screen with instructions to jailbreak the device.

hit Start | Unlock iPad Without Password

Step 4: Follow the instructions to jailbreak your iPhone and then click Next.

jailbreak iPhone | Unlock iPad Without Password

Passixer will start bypassing iCloud Activation Lock straightaway. Wait till its completed, then detach your iPhone from the computer.

successfully bypass iCloud lock | Unlock iPad Without Password

Way 2. Use Screen Passcode

Another way to fix iCloud Activation Lock is to use your screen passcode. To do this, follow these steps below:

  1. Once the Activation Lock screen appears, click on Unlock with Passcode.
  2. Input the correct screen passcode on the subsequent screen.
  3. Now, your iPhone will immediately bypass iCloud Activation Lock and you can use your device without restrictions.
  4. bypass iCloud lock with screen passcode | Unlock iPad Without Password


Now you know what to do when you forget the password linked to the Apple ID on your iPhone. Apply any of the recommended solutions to remain in control of your device. If you fail to find and reset the Apple ID password, no worry, Passixer can help you out, which removes Apple ID from your iPhone without Password so that you can sign in your device with new Apple ID. This way, you can use your iPhone as normal and enjoy all Apple services.

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