How To Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Without Computer

by Lorena Hill

Updated on 2024-02-02

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Are you locked out of your iPhone due to the pesky “iPhone Activation Lock?”Well, you’re not alone. You can now bypass the iPhone Activation Lock without computer by following the techniques explained in this article.

Purchasing a used iPhone has become a norm lately. But not many users know that this comes with a lot of downsides: One of them is the activation lock.

Lately, there has been a crazy increase in the number of folks that report “activation lock” problems. So, as tech experts, we’ve taken the legwork to help users find solutions.

This article explains six seamless techniques you can count on to bypass iPhone activation lock without computer.  It doesn’t matter whether you forgot your Apple ID credentials or purchased a second-hand device with an activation lock, these techniques will come to your rescue. Let’s dive right in!

Part 1: How do I bypass the iPhone activation lock without computer?

It’s easy to bypass iPhone activation lock without computer when you’re equipped with the right knowledge to operate. Here, we will walk you through the steps to get the job done using either the iCloud website, Find My feature, DNS, screen password, etc. Read on to learn more about these methods.

1st Way: Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Via iCloud website

One of the ways to bypass iPhone activation lock without a computer is by removing/erasing the iOS device from your account via the iCloud website. This is a very straightforward technique that is proven to be very effective over the years. All you just need is to ensure you can remember the Apple ID and password of the iCloud account that’s linked to the iPhone with activation lock.

Follow the steps below to bypass activation lock on iPhone via iCloud website:

Step 1: Go to via a browser on another device and login your iCloud account using the same “Apple ID” and “Password” for the account on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on “Find iPhone” feature and select “All My Devices”.

select All My Devices | Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Without Computer

Step 3: Select the “iPhone” with activation lock and tap on “Erase This Device”.

Step 4: After that, tap on “Remove From Account” to remove activation lock from the device.

tap Remove From Account | Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Without Computer

Once you finish, you’ll be able to setup your iPhone as a new device using a new Apple ID and password if necessary.

2nd Way: Bypass Activation Lock On An iPhone Using Find My APP

If the “Find My” feature is enabled on your iPhone, then you can easily use the Find My app on another iOS device to bypass the activation lock on your iPhone. This method is a bit similar to the one above. It involves removing the iPhone from your iCloud account so you can set it up as a new device. Here is how:

Step 1: Launch the Find My app on another iOS or iPadOS device that is logged in with the same “Apple ID”.

Step 2: Tap on the “Devices” tab and select the iPad that has an activation lock.

Step 3: Tap on “Erase This Device” and provide the correct “Apple ID” and “Password” when prompted.

Tap on Erase This Device | Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Without Computer

Step 3: After that, tap “Remove This Device” to unlink your iPad from the Apple ID.

The activation lock on your iPhone should be removed instantly. But what if you can’t remember the Apple ID and password used on the iPhone with activation lock? Then, keep reading!

3rd Way: Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Via DNS

Bypassing iPhone activation lock via DNS can come in handy if you can’t remember your Apple ID and password. Unlike the previously discussed methods, this method only required you to change your iPhone DNS server manually. But this is applicable to only older iPhones running iOS 7 to iOS 8.1.3.

Also, it’s important to note that by bypass activation lock on your iPhone via DNS, you might be unable to access all the functions on your iPhone and you’ll always need to change your DNS server whenever you want to connect to a new Wi-Fi network.

The following steps explains how this method works: 

Step 1: Restart the iPad and start the setup process by selecting your country and language.

Step 2: Once you reach the Wi-Fi network screen, tap the info icon “i” icon that is next to the network name you want to connect to and select “Forget Network”.

select Forget Network | Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Without Computer

Step 3: After that, tap the “i” icon again and select “More WiFi Settings”. Then, scroll to IP Address section and type one of the following in the DNS area that suits your current location:

set an IP address | Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Without Computer

  1. USA/North America:
  2. Europe:
  3. Asia:
  4. South America:
  5. Rest of the world:

Step 4: After you enter one of the above DNS area, tap “Back” and select “Join this Network. Then, your iPhone will activate and you’ll be able to bypass activation lock.

4th Way: Bypass iPhone Activation Lock With Screen password

Considering the limitations of using DNS to bypass activation lock on iPhone, you might be looking for another method to operate. Well, if you can still remember your iPhone screen lock passcode, that’s good news because you can quickly bypass activation lock using this passcode. All you need to do is to follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: On the activation lock screen, tap on the “Unlock with Passcode” hint under the “Apple ID Password” box.

Step 2: Enter the correct “Screen Passcode” for your iPad and tap “Next” to bypass activation lock.

tap Next | Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Without Computer

5th Way: Bypass iPhone Activation Lock With The Help Of Online Unlock Service

You can consider an online unlock service if none of the above methods is successful. Fortunately, there are lots of iPhone unlock services online like DrSim, IMeinow, and many others that can help you bypass activation lock within a few minutes. However, you might be asked to provide some details like your iPhone IMEI number, model, serial number, etc.

6th Way: Request Help From Apple Support

Apple Support should be your last resort if you’re yet to bypass iPhone activation lock without a computer. Yes, Apple Support will provide you with the necessary assistance to bypass the activation lock screen as long as you’re able to prove you’re the rightful owner of the iPhone. Most times, you’ll be required to provide all credentials like proof of purchase, iPhone serial number, IMEI number, etc.

Here is the how Apple Support works when it comes to bypassing activation lock on iPhone:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to collect all the necessary information like proof of ownership, original purchase receipt, etc., that might be required by Apple Support for the unlock process.

 Step 2: Once you’re confident about the credentials you’ve gathered, visits the Apple Support official website and book an appointment at your nearest Apple Store.

visit Apple Support website | Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Without Computer

Step 3: Finally, visit the Apple Store with all the documents on the proof of appointment. Then, explain the activation lock issue the support representative and provide the necessary proof of ownership.

Part 2: 100% Workable Solution To Bypass iPhone Activation (Save your time)

As you can see from the techniques discussed above, it’s possible to bypass iPhone activation lock without computer. But the truth is there’s a faster way to operate and save your time. All you need is the “Passixer iPhone Unlocker” software.

Passixer iPhone Unlocker is an outstanding software that’s trusted by tech experts for all kind of iPhone lock problems. From activation lock to screen lock, screentime lock, iTunes backup password, or more, this tool will provide you with all necessary features to bypass the lock without hassle.

Besides, Passixer iPhone Unlocker can come in handy in various scenarios. Whether the activation lock occurred after your factory reset your device, performed a system upgrade, or erased your iPhone information from iCloud (subjectively or maliciously), this tool will help you get rid of the activation lock so you can use your device normally. Thankfully, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to navigate the tool’s interface. You only need a few clicks, and activation lock will be removed from your iPhone.

Key Features

  1. Smart iOS/iPadOS unlocking functionality to bypass activation lock without using password or Apple ID.
  2. Highly compatible with all iOS models, including the latest iOS 17 release.
  3. Facilitated removal of other kinds of iOS locks like screen passcode, screentime passcode, MDM, etc.
  4. Easily remove forgotten Apple ID from iPhone while bypassing activation lock.

How to use Passixer iPhone Unlocker to bypass iPhone activation lock:

Before you proceed with the steps, make sure your iPhone is fully charged and your computer has enough storage space.

Step 1: After you install “Passixer iPhone Unlocker” on your computer (Windows or Mac), launch the app and select “Bypass iCloud Activation Lock” feature.

select Bypass iCloud Activation Lock | Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Without Computer

Step 2(Optional): Next, you might need to Jailbreak your iPhone. If you don’t know how to do this, click on “iOS Jailbreak Tutorial” to learn how to get the job done safely and securely. If you’ve already jailbreak, click “Next” when you finish.

Jailbreak your iPhone | Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Without Computer

Step 3: Connect your iPhone to the PC or Mac and wait for Passixer iPhone Unlocker to detect it automatically.  Then, the tool will display your device information on your screen. Ensure to verify the details before clicking on “Start Bypass Activation.”

Step 4: Once you click the “Start Bypassing Activation” button, the software will initiate the bypass process. After the process is complete, click OK to finish.

click OK | Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Without Computer

  • During the bypass process, your iPhone might restart or the screen content might change. Don’t intervene in the process.


What is an online unlock service?

An online unlock service typically refers to a service that helps unlock mobile phones or other electronic devices from a specific carrier or network, allowing them to be used with different carriers or SIM cards. This can be useful when you want to switch to a different service provider or use your device while traveling abroad. Online unlock services may provide unlock codes, software solutions, or remote unlocking services to achieve this.

How do I avoid buying a locked used iphone?

There are several tips you can employ to avoid activation lock problem when buying a second-hand iPhone.

  1. Firstly, if the deal looks to good to be true, chances are the iPhone is locked.   Yes, if that “almost” new iPhone is selling for a third of its market retail price,  there’s always a high chance that it has a problem.  At best it may be damaged, but most likely it was stolen or lost, then found, and the seller wants to flip ASAP.
  2. Always Check for an Apple Activation lock!  As we all know, Activation lock “bricks” the iPhone making it unusable, even if it is data wiped.  Once an iPhone is locked, there are only two people who can open it: the person with the email address associated with the account and Apple themselves.  Here is how you can check for activation lock on a used iPhone:

Option 1: First is with the iPhone: To do this, turn on the iPhone and access its settings. Then, tap on “Apple ID” banner and select iCloud.

  • Tap on “Find my iPhone” and make sure it is off.  

Option 2: Via Serial Number: Yes, you can also use an iPhone serial number to confirm if activation lock is enabled. All you need is an online tool.  You can use a free online tool like IMEI24 to check if an iPhone activation lock is enable.

  • Always conduct the transaction in a public place, and do not send cash via E-transfer unless you have the phone in hand.  We advise this because there are many stories of people who were robbed while meeting someone to buy an iPhone or iPad. You don’t want to be another victim for sure!


Gone are the days of complicated software and lengthy processes. With this simple method, you can bypass iPhone activation lock regain access to your in no time. All you need to do is choose the technique that suits your requirements and follow the steps associated with it to operate. Though we recommend Passixer iPhone Unlocker for a faster and most importantly, successful activation lock bypass process.

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